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Indian Tabac Classic  expertly handmade with an oily, full-flavored Habana Corojo wrapper. This unique tasting, reddish-brown wrapper provides a more flavor and depth without overpowering the blend. The Nicaraguan, Honduran and Costa Rican long fillers are equally unique, fusing the intricate aromas found in these rich, full flavored leaves.
Casa Torano 
Casa Torano is and has been the Torano family’s "house blend," a cigar they made and smoked strictly for themselves. Composed of choice Dominican and Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos wrapped in a golden-brown Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut shade wrapper, this Honduran beauty will get your taste buds stimulated.
"The Brick" 
does not disappoint. Square (and we mean square) pressed in the old Cuban style using only long filler tobacco, they are packed with so much flavor.  Specially designed for the  smoker who prefers larger ring cigars. These are monster smokes!!!
Cacique Miami 

Exile Cigars
Exile is comprised of a deeply-aged, rich blend of Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos delivering an uncompromisingly rich and complex character, thanks in part to its rich Ecuadorian Sun Grown Rosado wrapper. This combination of finely aged tobaccos creates a smooth, medium to full bodied smoke with a spicy-sweet finish.

The very best of Puros Indios  ... Cienfuegos means "100 Fires"
La Finca 
Our #1 Selling Nicaraguan Cigar
La Finca is an all Nicaraguan puro which has been handcrafted since 1972 in Esteli, using an Ecuadorian wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and a blend of filler tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.  
Excalibur Royal Sterling

Excalibur Royal Sterling cigars are a limited edition blend mantled in an outstanding Honduran Claro wrapper selected from a limited number of light-colored, first-priming tobacco leaves. The filler is Honduran, Nicaraguan & Dominican with a Connecticut Broadleaf binder.



Montecristo Afrique

Montecristo's goal  was to create a cigar of African-grown black tobaccos, and, in particular, to use a wonderful new leaf from Tanzania. 

Camacho Corojo 
The world's only authentic Corojo cigar.  Handmade in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras, where the fertile soil and climate compare to Cuba's renowned Vuelta Abajo Region
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La Flor De Murias 
Handmade in the 
Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticutor Broadleaf Maduro 
Binder: Mexico 
Filler: Mexico/Dominican
Experience the world of Flor de Murias cigars. You know you are receiving quality, expertise, skill, and precision when the makers of this fine choice are also the makers of the world renowned Macanudo and Partagas. Enjoy the difference with this new blend of choice Mexican and Dominican leaves that are carefully wrapped in a sweet, shade-grown Connecticut wrapper  Flor de Murias cigars are expertly selected and blended to deliver a silky smooth smoke that will luxuriate and intensify the senses and soothe the soul. Invite some close friends over, pour a few drinks, spark up a meaningful conversation, and relax the world's worries away. 
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Port Royale 496 N 6.50x42 20 $66.00 $56.95
Port Royale  497 M 6.50x42 20 $66.00 $56.95
Sovereign 498 N 6.75x45 20 $72.00 $62.95
Sovereign 499 M 6.75x45 20 $72.00 $62.95
1876 505 N 7.50x50 20 $78.00 $64.95
1876 506 M 7.50x50 20 $78.00 $64.95

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Henry Clay Honduran
From Honduras' respected Flor de Copán factory comes this contemporary blending of the classic Henry Clay marquee. The core of this cigar is comprised of select black tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras and Peru punctuated by a glorious rosado Cuban-seed wrapper.

Gurka Marqueza
The finest blend of aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos wrapped in a gorgeous dark Brazilian leaf creating a unique, complex smoke with notes of earth, spice, and an entrancing natural sweetness. The great depth, body and intense flavor make this a "monster"  of a cigar.
Fuente Forbidden X 
"Cigar in The Bottle" 

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Perdomo Reserve 
Rolling Rolling Rollin'
.Get Your Rolys
(Puros Made)
Carlos Torano Silver Exodus 
Carlos Torano's Exodus 1959 Silver Edition is a medium to full bodied cigar with complex flavors that develop hints of citrus and wood. The beautiful Criollo wrapper blends magnificently with the combination of Honduran, Mexican and Costa Rican filler.
Oliveros Gran Reserva 
Skillfully handcrafted in the Dominican Republic using a blend of well-aged Nicaraguan and Dominican long filler tobaccos accompanied by a rich Sumatra binder. Topped off with golden Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrappers, these medium-bodied smokes provide a smooth, satisfying flavor and enjoyable aroma.
Zino By Davidoff
The Switzerland produced Zino Classic line of cigars is  the most popular of the Zino cigars.  Choose from the mild Sumatra or medium strength Brazilian wrapper.
Our Little Miss  La Gloria Cubana. "She's Smokin'"
Created for more experienced cigar smokers who can really appreciate the complexities of this bolder La Gloria. WOW!
Puros Indios
Rated by Cigar Aficionado and Smoke magazines as among the world's highest ranking cigars! This cigar features an Ecuadorian Sun Grown Sumatra wrapper with a Nicaragua, Brazil, and Dominican Republic filler and Ecuadorian binder.
Don Tomas Corojo 
A tissue-wrapped, eye-catching beauty, with a delicate Honduran Talanga Cubano Corojo wrapper. The wrapper is gorgeous, with a dark, oily, moist look and feel and a burgundy-colored hue. It looks so good, you’ll want to take a bite!
Tambor Dominicano